Friday, March 12, 2010

Frustrated with YouTube, Here are Alternatives

I was in a conversation with some teachers the other day who expressed their frustrations with trying to use videos in their classrooms. YouTube is blocked by district filters but it seems to be the go-to resource for everyone. It shouldn't be. YouTube is blocked by nearly all educational filters. And for very good reasons.

Here is what I just sent to the teachers, now sharing with everyone!

Here are a few resources of video sites which may not hit the filters like YouTube does. I have tons and tons of resources in all sorts of areas and a lot of experience incorporating technology effectively into education. Draw on me whenever you like for ideas and resources. Many of my Twitter messages are education technology related. If you are a Twitter user follow me as kay_lehmann and watch for messages marked #edtech (Definitely a go-to resource for every teacher who wants to use video in their lessons) (This is new to me, I haven't used it yet so check it out carefully) (This is a resource I keep meaning to dive deeper into and haven't, great talks by great people)

OK, this is one of my fav blogs because it starts with my fav word, free! Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne is a great resource. Here is his list of 30+ alternatives to YouTube

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