Thursday, March 11, 2010

Building your network

I was just giving some advice to teachers in a Computers for Educators course and thought I should pass this along.

I do a lot of learning these days because I am a regular user of Twitter follow me as @kay_lehmann and as the moderator for a weekly Twitter-based chat about eLearning as @distedchat

I really only use Twitter for professional connections and only follow people who are interested in education (except for two cooking folks). I believe strongly that we all need to have a personal learning network. However I realize many of you don't know where to start. First, let me share my Delicious links with you, you can view my links at: The links are searchable by keyword and do search because otherwise you will be lost in an incredible maze of diverse links.

I suggest you also read this article
and find the ways to build your social learning environment which work for you. What works for you won't work for others and vice-versa.

As a wise teacher (follow him on Twitter as @budtheteacher AKA Bud Hunt) said in a webinar last night, "If it feels icky, Stop!" meaning, if you don't want to be on Facebook, Twitter or other sites, don't. That is your choice!

However there are so many ways to learn now, and so many ways to stay up-to-date and connected that I advise you to try a few and then, if they feel icky, Stop! But give some of them a try first! I resisted Twitter for years and am sorry that I missed out on so many great articles and insights!

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