Friday, May 10, 2013

Sir Ken Robinson gets it right again!

Sir Ken once again uses wit and intelligence to explain why our educational system is not working and how to fix it! Please take note of the need to invest in teachers, how children are suffering from a condition called childhood (not ADHD), how alternative education programs get it right, and why testing should not be the main focus of education. Bring back creativity, inspiration, diversity, expansive curriculums and more because our teachers and students are dying on the vine! I speak as an education professional who predicted all the failings of the testing movement which have come to pass including the horrendous drop-out rate and the bored minds of our students! Sir Ken gets it right! This should be mandatory viewing for everyone from legislators who think they know best about education, to administrators who think they must control schools, to parents who don't understand the underlying issues, and to teachers, who are tired of being deprofessionalized!

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