Thursday, May 26, 2011

Young teacher asked - How do I get more training...

A young teacher in my technology for teachers course said, "I am going to be a math teacher in the future. Where can I get more training about how to use technology in the classroom?"

I encouraged other students to add to the list below. Please comment on this post and add your own ideas, I will share them with my class.

* Use the professional organizations to which you belong such as NCTM. They have a website with tons of support for teachers, they have conferences and publications. * * Join other related organizations such as ISTE.
* Get on email mailing lists for these organizations so you are alerted to new books, publications, articles, webinars etc.
* Search online for tutorials including YouTube and TeacherTube videos, Common Craft videos etc.
* Look at the resource lists from the math book publisher. Most of them have websites along with tutorials and virtual manipulatives.
* Use social media to build your professional learning network (we will discuss PLN's later in this course by the way). I use Twitter for this purpose, I know the minute a new article/blog post/news item etc. is published that I might be interested in. In addition my professional learning network will answer questions such as the one you asked here and will send me to new resources I might never have found...

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  1. As a director of my college's instructional technology department, these are words we love to hear. It is our job to provide resources and training to faculty and staff. Seek out IT and Instructional resources within your institution or district. Again, Twitter is an excellent tool to connect with math teachers using technology.