Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Knowing how little I know

This blog is called Transparent Ignorance because the more I learn, the more I realize I am quite ignorant. I intend to make my ignorance transparent for all to share in this blog. After all, if I am still learning, you must be as well! We all are!
Wisdom is not the domain of the old, or the brilliant. Wisdom resides in those who are willing to look forward, admit they know nothing (or very little) and continue moving forward into the unknown. I don't claim to have such wisdom, but I am willing to seek it!
One of my areas of ignorance is the tool Twitter. FTULM (for the uninitiated like me) Twitter is essentially text messaging to a group of people. I have been text messaging, avidly, for years but Twitter was not in my repertoire despite the best efforts of friends. Frankly, I couldn't see how my personal text messages to individuals would be of interest to a group of people.
Nonetheless, I admitted my ignorance and dove into Twitter this week. One of my intended uses is group messages/announcements in my online courses. I don't know if this will work, I invited a current group of students to 'follow' me on Twitter. FTULM you sign up to get the messages sent by someone on Twitter, these messages are known as tweets. None of my current students has signed up to receive my tweets as of yet. Ah well, it is an experiment, and as all scientists and researchers know, most experiments fail. But we learn from failure, and become less ignorant in the process.


  1. You are blogging and Twittering...all in the same week??? Makes me proud to be your techie friend! Geez, I suppose now I will have to go start updating my incredibly not updated blog as you have shamed me. Way to push me out of my procrastination comfort zone!

    Your friend in the fight of ignorance - Lisa

  2. Looking forward to your new blog postings madam!

  3. http://info.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/dusting-off-my-keyboard/

    There's the link - It looks like you're not set up to allow trackbacks so I couldn't just send you back the easy way.